Our mission is to provide a local resource for community and professionals around psychedelic education, harm reduction, treatment and integration services. We aim to be a reliable local resource that supports a multidisciplinary community of private practitioners and clinics offering psychedelic informed care. 

Our local community offers workshops and trainings for professionals, and events for people interested in better understanding psychedelics, their applications in healing, and integration into daily life. 

We aim to be a resource network of trusted professionals offering community-based support for individuals and families around psychedelic harm reduction, education, treatment and integration. Our providers value the importance of trauma informed care and promote best practices and services that are appropriate to those who may have experienced trauma.

Growth from a psychedelic experience occurs over time, and we believe that educated choices, adequate preparation and ongoing integration are essential for embodied, lasting change. We believe that real transformation occurs in the context of meaningful relationships with one’s self, others, one’s community, and the natural world, which is why we embrace multidisciplinary and alternative approaches to healing.

We strive to honor and support diversity and equity in our network, and welcome people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, beliefs and worldviews. We aim to provide accessible care, resources and education to individuals and professionals of marginalized and underserved populations including BIPOC, LGBTQIA identified people, and Veterans by offering discounted fees for sessions and educational trainings. 

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