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AAMFT and AASECT Clinical Supervisor, Medical Family Therapist, Founder/Medical Director of Northwest Institute on Intimacy, Sexual Shame/Trauma, Religious Sexual Shame/Trauma, Author, Scholar, Speaker, Trainer

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Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD is a feminist sex and relationship psychotherapist, professor emerita, AAMFT/AASECT clinical supervisor, and author of the acclaimed book, Sex, God and the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy. She is a preeminent voice on the impact of religious sexual shame/trauma on sexual health and attachment. Dr. Tina is also the founder and executive director of Inanna Rising which is a clinical collective of PAT providers committed to the highest standards in equitable, accessible, and socially responsible patient-centered psychedelic care.  She provides national AASECT training and supervision for therapists and medical providers in sexual health and confronting sexual bias. Her most recent book, Shameless Parenting, was a new release bestseller in eight categories and is now available in a second edition. Frequently featured on podcasts, TV, documentaries, articles and radio, including Spirituality & Health magazine, and NPR’s All Things Considered, Tina also travels the country supporting the advancement of psychedelic assisted therapy in the treatment of religious trauma.

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  • DrTina@NWIOI.com
  • 206-679-4728
  • https://www.nwioi.com/