Provider Description

Dr. Sentell (she/her) is a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon and co-founder of The Ren Clinic which offers trauma-informed integrative medicine. Her clinical training began in Social Work and this has heavily influenced her whole-systems approach to investigating the roots, branches, and ecological systems of health and wellness. She uses a variety of tools including the use of mindfulness and somatic interventions, ecotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, medication management, and psychedelic assisted treatments. She has completed her training in MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ketamine Therapy with MAPS, Polaris Insight Center, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, and Synaptic Institute.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Entheogenic Medicine Training Program, Synaptic Institute, 2023 Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship, IPI, 2022 MDMA Therapy Training Program, MAPS, 2022 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training, Polaris Insight Center, 2021 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Masters in Chinese Medicine, 2007-2013

Contact Infomation
  • sara@therenclinic.com
  • 503-477-5167
  • https://therenclinic.com/