Provider Description

Master Hypnotist and Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator

Providing Hypnotherapy in the Portland Metro Area since 2005

Laney is a Board Certified Master Hypnotist with a speciality in working with Anxiety, Confidence, Relationships, Trauma, Tobacco Cessation, Changing your Relationship with Food and Alcohol Cessation, and lots more. Her approach is client centered and spiritual and culturally responsive. She provides a warm, welcoming, compassionate environment in which you can feel comfortable to just be. She will work with you to aid you in getting clear on the work you want to do and provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to do that work and she will be there to help you integrate those new ways of being into your life. She is also available for those that want and need a little more using hypnosis.   She believes we all have the capacity to experience the transformative power of psychedelic healing as she is a shining example of that. "I want to be there for you as you negotiate through to your highest and best self".

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Laney was certified by Fluence as a Certified Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Facilitator 

B.S. in Psychology and Education,

M.Ed. in Special Education,

Teacher, Principal, Special Education Director,  Director of Behavioral Services for grades K-12

Co-facilitated Alternatives to Violence to prisoners in California and in the community

Co-facilitated Parent Education groups-How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

San Diego Neighbor Mediation Certificate 

 Director of Behavioral Services, Principal, Teacher, 

Parent and Grandparent

Contact Infomation
  • laney@lovingkindnessjourneys.com
  • 503-289-3614
  • https://Lovingkindnessjourneys.com