Provider Description

I offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy that honors the body, mind, spirit, and natural world. Drawing on my activist roots and more than a decade of clinical experience, I bring a deep sensitivity to issues of complex trauma, grief and loss, social justice, spiritual emergence, and LGBTQ+ mental health. Services include:

• INTEGRATIVE MINDFUL-SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPY is a holistic and growth-oriented approach that combines traditional mindfulness practice with somatic interventions to promote emotional resilience, trauma resolution, increased connection, and psycho-spiritual development.

• CANNABIS-ASSISTED SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (CASP) refers to the legal and supervised use of cannabis in combination with mindful-somatic psychotherapy. Although CASP has not been evaluated by research and outcomes cannot be guaranteed, clients often report an increased capacity to access emotions and memories that are typically elusive or challenging to confront. The combination of awareness with acceptance may lead to breakthroughs in areas where traditional “talk therapy” has reached its limits, enabling clients to explore new depths of healing and self-discovery. CASP is designed to reduce the potential for harm caused by cannabis use and maximize its benefits through education and guided experiences. More information is available on my website, including details about the process, my harm reduction philosophy and approach, and an acknowledgement of land and culture.

• PSYCHEDELIC INTEGRATION is the phase of growth and change that may occur after a psychedelic experience. I offer specialized harm reduction services for developing a mindful relationship with cannabis and other psychedelic medicines. I help my clients integrate the gifts and insights from non-ordinary states of consciousness to promote their healing journey.

In-person sessions are available at my office in NW Portland. I also offer teletherapy for clients located anywhere in Oregon or California. Outdoor ecotherapy sessions may be available on nature trails in Portland's west-side. Please visit my website to learn more, and connect with me to schedule a free consultation.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Graduate Education and Professional Licensure

  • Ph.D. in Psychology with a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health (Saybrook University, 2023)
  • M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology (California Institute of Integral Studies, 2013)
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oregon (#T1723) and California (#93170)

Continuing Education Highlights

  • Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guide Credentialing Program (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, anticipated completion April 2024)
  • Psychedelic Sitters School, Level 3: Psychedelic Therapy and Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, November-December 2023)
  • Psychedelic Sitters School, Levels 1-2: Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, August-October 2023)
  • Cannabis-Assisted Somatic Psychotherapy, Module 1 (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, Spring 2023)
  • Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists (Psychedelics Today, Fall 2020)
Contact Infomation
  • kip@kwpsychotherapy.com
  • 503-922-6339
  • https://with-the-flow.com