Provider Description

I offer an experiential and transformative approach to psychotherapy with a focus on mindfulness, spirituality, and embodiment. I specialize in helping individuals who may be struggling with chronic anxiety and depression that are rooted in complex developmental trauma and minority stress. I also offer specialized support services for those interested in conscious cannabis and in accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness to promote your healing journey.

Mindful-somatic psychotherapy is about integrating the wisdom of your body and the power of present moment awareness to activate your inner capacity for healing, growth, self-discovery, and transformation. You'll develop new skills and resources for compassionate self-exploration, regulating your nervous system, and growing your life in new directions.

I offer therapy by Zoom for adults anywhere in Oregon or California. I also offer in-person sessions in SW Portland—either from my office in Multnomah Village, or outdoor "ecotherapy" sessions in the forest. Please visit my website to learn more, and be in touch to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Graduate Education and Professional Licensure

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oregon (#T1723) and California (#93170)
  • MA in Integral Counseling Psychology (California Institute of Integral Studies, 2013)
  • Ph.D. in Psychology with a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health (Saybrook University, 2023)

Continuing Education Highlights in Psychedelic Therapies

  • Foundations in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy®, Levels 1-2 (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, August-October 2023)
  • Cannabis-Assisted Somatic Psychotherapy, Module 1 (Center for Medicinal Mindfulness/Psychedelic Sitters School, Spring 2023)
  • Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists (Psychedelics Today, Fall 2020)
Contact Infomation
  • kip@kwpsychotherapy.com
  • 503-922-6339
  • https://kipwilliamspsychotherapy.com