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Hi, I'm Keith.

I work as a professional life coach and psychedelic integration coach. I work at the intersection between pragmatic action-oriented coaching, Jungian psychology, and the spirit and science of psychedelic medicines.

I operate from a nuanced worldview that is non-dogmatic. I am warm, thoughtful, and authentic. I believe strongly in the sovereignty and inner healing intelligence of the individual.

In regards to psychedelic integration coaching, I can help you to affirm your insights and derive actionable steps to manifest the existence you want to be living, trust your intuition and “Inner Healing Intelligence”, reduce potential harms, maximize psychological and physical benefits from the experience, and maintain changes & resist falling backward into unhelpful or self-destructive patterns.

Since 2019, I’ve served as the facilitator for the Portland Psychedelic Society's Men’s Support Group. I am now serving in the role of President of PPS to do my part in stewarding the psychedelic renaissance in a wise manner.

Since 2021, I have been studying with elder medicine men and women, learning and practicing the art of ceremony.

In my creative work, I write essays on culture, ethics, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and psychedelics.

I am continually humbled by the psychedelic experience; it has been a profound ally along my own path of individuation.

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Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Relevant Education:

EMBARK Psychedelic Facilitation Training Course — Cybin

The Role and Core Competencies of Modern-Day Psychedelic Practitioners — Synthesis Institute

Medicine Person Certification Program — Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute

Psychedelic Fundamentals — MAPS

Psychedelic Harm Reduction — Microdose Media

Introduction to Trauma Informed Care — Trauma Informed Oregon

“Psychedelic Peer Support: How To Trip Sit a Friend” — MAPS Canada

“Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change” Online Course — Case Western Reserve University

“Beyond Therapy” 5 Week Webinar Series — MAPS Zendo Project

Clinically Informed Life Coaching Training — Pacia Life

Graduate Introduction to Counseling 551 — Portland State University

Graduate Introduction to Psychiatric Diagnoses 530 — Portland State University

Suicide Hotline Crisis Training — Lines For Life

Psychedelic Peer Support Workshop — MAPS Zendo Project

Relevant Certifications:

International Medicine Person Certification, Oklevueha Native American Church — Forthcoming

Mental Health First Aid Certification

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Certification

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  • keith@texturecoaching.com
  • https://texturecoaching.com