Provider Description

As an Oregon licensed psilocybin facilitator, my goal is to help others experience their own journeys - especially veterans, folks interested in exploring their personal echoes of trauma, or people simply working their way through the shifts and changes that come as a result of walking our own unique paths. In terms of my facilitation practice, I bring a sense of humor, a non-directive approach, a well-practiced ability to hold space, firm ethical boundaries, and faith in the potential of humans when we transcend the beliefs that can weigh us down.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Oregon Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator (FL-5dfbb013) - Training completed at Changa Institute (2023)

Contact Infomation
  • jim@puzzleboxheart.net
  • 971-825-2248
  • https://www.puzzleboxheart.net/