Provider Description

I have been a psychiatrist in Portland for over twenty years. I feel deep gratitude toward my patients for the chance to collaborate with them on their path toward healing. I became interested in how non-ordinary states of consciousness tap into a wisdom that can be hard to reach with conventional talk therapy or medications. Observing the growing resurgence of research evidence surrounding psychedelic-assisted therapy, I began a personal and professional quest for knowledge. During this process, my integration therapist helped transform challenging and powerful experiences into life changing directions. One of those directions is pivoting my practice toward helping people make meaningful and lasting changes after expanded states of consciousness.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

BS-Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, 1993
Medical Doctor, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, 1997
Psychiatry Residency, Oregon Health Sciences University, 2001
Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2022
MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy, MAPS, 2022
Ketamine Assisted Therapy Training, Healing Realms, 2022
Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Certification, Fluence, 2023

Contact Infomation
  • jayne@jaynemd.com
  • 503-226-8918
  • https://integratetowholeness.com