Provider Description

As a practitioner, I lead first from the heart and weave in the uniqueness of each individual into a natural unfolding process. I believe that we are impacted by the systems we live in and the relationships we are surrounded by. As we move through this world, we may find that the impacts from our systems and relationships become too great to hold alone.
My practice is built to support individuals and groups of people understand and grow from their life experiences. From this place of awareness people can begin to connect to their gifts and find ways to give back to the community around them. I value creating a safe and trusting space for people to feel comfortable enough to step into vulnerability. It is through trust and vulnerability that growth can occur.

Currently, I am building and accepting clients who are looking to integrate expanded states of consciousness and looking to live a more embodied life in individual and group work.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Masters of Counseling in Marriage & Family Therapy Licensed Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Certified MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapist for PTSD Ketamine- Assisted Therapy by Polaris Insight Center Internal Family Systems Sensorimotor (somatic) Psychotherapy Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Emotion Focused Family & Couples Therapy Grief Ritual Training w/ Francis Weller Advanced training in Complex Trauma/ Structural Dissociation w/ Janina Fisher  

Contact Infomation
  • ginagratza@gmail.com
  • https://lookingglasscounselingpdx.com/