Provider Description

I am passionate about helping people get to know themselves through kindness, curiosity and mindfulness.

We are all moving through the world, bumping up against old habits that are no longer serving us. If we can approach these habits with openness and curiosity, then we can begin to unravel their mysterious and challenging hold on our lives.

We all have some areas of our lives that we are constricted, or stuck - or in some cases those mental pathways, or "pipes" are just clogged.

That’s where Spiritual Plumbing comes into play.

When your inner voice is saying "I know I am capable of so much more, I just don't know if I can change,” I am here to help.


Individual counseling - one on one weekly individual counseling

Psychedelic preparation and integration - If you have or are going to participate in a psychedelic journey and are needing support around prep and integration this is for you.

Individual guide supervision/consultation -

Group guide supervision/consultation - I am currently forming several supervision groups for those who are new to guiding. If you have recently graduated a 109 training and feel that you need more than these groups are for you! Or if you have been guiding underground and you are in need of support. These will be 90 minute meetings in groups of 4-5 every 2 weeks.

Professional experiential and supplemental training/mentoring - I have been helping to facilitate expanded states for 11 years. If you are finding yourself needing individual support in your own professional development on your path to becoming a more advanced guide.

Psychedelic Training setup and design consulting - I have been involved with training guides for 6 years. I am available for consultation in regards to setting up guide trainings.

If you have any questions about these services or want to set up an appointment, please visit my website to learn more and for my contact information. www.spiritualplumbing.com

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology at Seattle University. I also have a Master’s in Transpersonal and Somatic Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. In 2012, while an adjunct faculty member at the East-West Psychology program at California Institute of Integral Studies, I started my private practice.  Since 2013, I have held a full-time practice and held space for hundreds of transformational experiences including individual work and weekend retreats. I bring a passion for bridging the worlds of spirituality and psychology and reviving earth-based and ancestral practices of ceremony, all with the goal to inspire self-knowledge and self-empowerment through getting to know our “inner healer.” Most recently I was a Educator, Supervisor and Student with Synaptic Institute's Entheogenic Medicine Training for Psilocybin.   I will soon be a part of the first cohort of licensed Psilocybin Facilitators in Oregon.  


Contact Infomation
  • spiritualplumber@protonmail.com
  • http://www.spiritualplumbing.com