Provider Description

Arianne brings a multitude of skill sets to her work as a Somatic and Psychedelic Healing Practitioner. She offers Telehealth sessions for healing past trauma, including but not limited to developmental trauma, accidents, injuries, sexual assault, eating disorders, self esteem, depression and anxiety. She also works with those using psychedelics for healing purposes. She offers Psychedelic Integration Sessions, preparation work and offers healing support for those that have experienced difficult psychedelic experiences in their past. Arianne uses Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Attachment work with a client centered approach as modalities for supporting the journey of healing.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

InnerTrek Psilocybin facilitator training: certified 2023, Somatic Experiencing International, Somatic Experiencing Certified 2020, Attachment Work certified 2021,  Mental Health Crisis Specialist, 2018, Motivation Interviewing trained 2018, ASIST Certified 2018, 

Contact Infomation
  • ishinehealing@protonmail.com
  • https://www.ishinehealing.com/