Provider Description

I'm an integration and success coach focusing on taking my clients from healing to thriving. I prioritize working with women and BIPOC humans.

I work with clients that are struggling with deep traumas and feelings of unworthiness and loneliness, that result in feelings of depression, anxiety or lead them to self-harm with eating disorders, addiction, sex and love addiction. I help you to learn to feel safe in your body, and see yourself in a positive light, with so much talent and many beautiful moments ahead of you.

My approach is based on the principle that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. My role is not to heal you or to teach you. Rather my model involves connecting you with the wisdom and leadership of your Highest and Best Self.

- Move from healing to thriving quickly in just a few sessions
- Find and unlock stuck trauma and hidden talents that lie in the body using embodiment
- Learn how to regulate your nervous system using somatic release techniques, herbal supplements and sound (on your own!)
- Learn to let go of the "manager" in your mind, that needs to control things or judge things to be one way or another, find freedom to be you more, and allow yourself to play and have fun
- Accelerate towards your personal and professional goals by engaging your creative centers of the brain

I love working with clients in person, and some of our sessions can be out doors in nature (weather dependent), although most of my work is over Zoom. I incorporate a diverse set of modalities from around the world, including yogic practices, buddhist meditation rituals, somatic awareness and breathwork, archetypal embodiment, visualization, dream interpretation and ancestral connection.

Creativity is core to my approach, and my clients often awaken hidden talents and gifts that sometimes become major pathways of healing and success in their lives.

To work with me, send me an email and we will schedule an intro call to talk about you joining my program.

Aria Naidoo

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

I am a certified CoActive Coach, which is an ICF-certified coaching program. Over the past 5 years, I have helped hundreds of women and minorities break through barriers that have kept them in states of lack. 

My clients have achieved breakthroughs with their mental health, and have successfully and permanently broken generational patterns that kept them in abuse-cycles. The women I have coached have founded successful businesses of their own, or have achieved outstanding career results. Some of my clients have expanded their creative gifts and are now performing musicians of full-time visual artists. 

I have a background in entrepreneurship and people leadership development and worked in corporate and start-ups in Silicon Valley before transitioning into psychedelics and integration as a primary focus. 

My interest in psychedelics is deeply personal. My mother has bipolar disorder and as a result, I struggled with anxiety, depression, bulimia, anorexia, self-hate and addiction. I am also a narcissistic abuse survivor and spousal abuse survivor. Psychedelics have helped me to break patterns of self-harm for good and I am committed to helping others do the same!

In 2021, I founded the Sacred Waters Movement, a medicine church working for psychedelic education, ceremony and spiritual reclamation. 

Certifications and trainings:

  • CoActive Training Institute - Coach Certificate
  • Positive Quotient - Positive Intelligence Certificate 
  • McKinsey & Company - Leading Self
  • McKinsey & Company - Leading Others
  • McKinsey & Company - Leading with Vision
  • McKinsey & Company - Communications
  • Non-violent Communications
  • Shamanic singing, reiki and massage (Peru, Shipibo Lineage)
  • Ancestral connection and dreamwork (South Africa, Zulu Lineage)
  • Meditation and Breathwork (Nan-Hua Buddhist Temple) 
  • Yoga and Yogic Philosophy (20+ years study and practice)
  • Mantra practice (10+ years practice) 
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - University of Cape Town, South Africa
Contact Infomation
  • aria@artfulladder.com
  • https://www.sacredwatersmovement.com