Provider Description

Angie is an integration coach and transformational mentor. They are non-binary, queer, polyamorous, neurodivergent, white, and able-bodied. They are passionate about large-scale cultural paradigm shift and the evolution of consciousness. They hold trauma-informed, judgement free, space and provide mentorship for individuals' processes of integration and holistic psycho-spiritual evolution. Angie works with clients to create and maintain pathways for self-healing, integration, alignment, and evolution. They work with clients in person in Portland, Oregon and online.

Angie has a certification in psychedelic integration coaching from the Plant Spirit School, is an apprentice in shamanic practice, an intuitive energy worker, and embodies their own path of healing, integration, and evolution towards ever expanding wholeness. They have worked with psychedelic plants and fungi personally for about a decade, and began their transition from working as an animal rights lawyer into the personal healing and transformational space in 2021.

Their own path has included spiritual emergence and emergency, integrating psychedelic psychedelic experiences, healing from traumas, shifting addictive patterning, and developing an ever deepening relationship with their higher self and their energetic guidance system. Angie's ongoing personal process includes creative expression through painting, daily journaling, meditation, and connection with their energetic guides as well as the natural world.

Qualifications - Relevant Education & Degrees

Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach - Plant Spirit School - July 2022-March 2023

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  • angie@wethealchemist.com
  • 503-898-3095
  • https://wethealchemist.com/