What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic integration is a holistic, client-driven process centered on each individual’s innate desire for wholeness. The psychedelic experience is a catalyst for a deeper transformative process that continues to unfold for weeks, months, or longer. A psychedelic experience is not always positive, and may be disorienting, confusing, or overwhelming to any or all areas of a person’s life. It can sometimes feel isolating or not make sense, and for this reason, support for integration within a community to be with and through the change process is so important.

Psychedelic integration occurs after an experience and involves a variety of practices to anchor new insights, support changes in behavior, personality, emotional patterns, and relationships, as well as harnesses the burst of creative energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm following a psychedelic experience to maximize its potential benefits for change.

Integration is supported differently by each provider in our network.

While psychedelic substances remain illegal, we do not facilitate access to illegal drugs or those who provide them. Alternatively, we help individuals to make empowered and educated choices, develop internal and external resources, get connected to a community of support to reduce risk and enhance benefits of the psychedelic transformation process.