Here is a list of preparation, integration and professional consultation groups offered by our network providers.

Psychedelic Men’s Group

So many men lose track of their true selves in day-to-day life. We forget that we don’t have to do it alone. And we falsely believe that we are isolated in our struggles, fears, and desires. Men’s work can help break this spell by providing a much-needed pillar where we can gather our strength.

Ask yourself: How would your life be different if you had a supportive community of like-minded and psychedelically experienced men to regularly connect with? What can psychedelics teach us about healthy masculinity in the 21st century? What stories about being a man might need to die, and what stories might need to be resurrected or reimagined? What can myth, archetypes, and psychedelics teach us about masculinity in a rapidly changing world?

This group offers a space for men to come together with a shared desire to integrate psychedelic experiences, and explore how these journeys apply to their life.

Men’s work is a powerful way to step into your embodied, integrated, and empowered self. Regularly connecting with a group of likeminded men can transform your life, helping you stay accountable, and on the path of purpose. 


How Long: Ongoing, but an initial 3-month commitment is required to join.

When: First three Tuesdays of each month. 7pm-9pm (2 hours.) 

Where: TBD

How much: $100 per month (insurance not accepted)


Psychedelic integration through visionary art

ReConnection: A ketamine group series to reconnect with embodied healing and wholeness in relationship with self, others, and the Earth within community.
This group is for people wanting to experience Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in a group setting of 8 participants. 

Facilitators: please contact us for more information regarding our upcoming community-based KAP Groups

Sara Sentell, ND w/ The Ren Clinic –

Laura Riley, LPC w/ Soma Rose Wellness –

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Group

Join Lesley Burke, LPC, LAT, ATR in a workshop devoted to exploring the integration of non-ordinary state experiences through the artistic process. Group members will be invited to partake in mindfulness exercises, journaling, and art making in order to integrate the wisdom of previous non-ordinary state experiences into their daily lives. Non ordinary state experiences may include, but is not limited to, psychedelic experiences, expanded state experiences through spiritual practices, dreams, meditation, or transformative life events.  Due to the current legal status of psychedelic medicines, no substances will be promoted or condoned at this event. 


Date: TBD

Cost: TBD

Women's embodied psychedelic integration group:
Reclaim and empower embodiment after trauma

An integration group for women exploring embodiment and healing trauma through psychedelics. This group honors how the body plays an important role in healing and growth with altered states of consciousness before, during and long after the experience. This will be a safe and supportive space to cultivate a compassionate relationship with your embodied wholeness. A space with others to share your voice, access, embody, empower and express through shared group process and embodiment practices of expressive movement, breath, and parts work. This is a safe place to also address how intergenerational and gender related trauma impacts one’s experience and relationship to the body, others and the world. When we feel embodied, life begins to live through us and with us, instead of separate or dissociated from, leaving us with a greater capacity to feel our aliveness, compassion, joy, play, pleasure, power, sexuality, flexibility, meaningful relationships, authenticity, interconnectedness, purpose and love. This group is not a space for selling or condoning the use of psychedelics.


Location: Online format When: Every other Tuesday, 530-7pm Group size: Closed group, 4-6 members Cost: 35-50$  Dates: 12 week requirement; ongoing; tbd once enough folks are interested; Group will be closed once filled  Contact:  Laura Riley, LPC:

Psychedelic Integration Group

This group facilitated by Dr. Brian Pilecki is aimed at individuals who have had prior psychedelic experiences and are interested in a therapeutic and intentional approach to integration work.

Even though public attitudes about psychedelics are shifting, there still exists much stigma and judgment about non-ordinary states of consciousness. Psychedelic experiences may seem foreign or strange to others and are not typically valued in mainstream culture. Many people feel that they do not have a place to talk about psychedelic experiences, even though those experiences may have been profound and influential in their lives. When this occurs, people may then dismiss or overlook these experiences, potentially losing opportunities to grow and learn from them.

What are the benefits from integration in a group format?

  • Sharing and listening to others can help normalize psychedelic experiences so that you don’t feel alone or “crazy.” This can help reduce any existing self-judgment or stigma associated with psychedelic usage.
  • Hearing about the way others have experienced psychedelics can be helpful in making sense of what is often an ineffable, or indescribable, experience. Though psychedelic experiences can vary widely, there are some common elements that can be helpful in understanding what happened during an altered state.
  • Group support can be helpful in translating insights or wisdom gained from psychedelics into meaningful life changes. Groups can provide accountability, problem-solving, and a sense of community for individuals who value personal growth.
  • Having an experienced group facilitator who is knowledgeable about psychedelics is important to create a safe, supportive environment for group members to share and learn from each other.

    For more information please visit:

Expressive Arts Integration Circle for Providers

Join Laura Riley, LPC and Alyssa Gursky, LPC intern in community for embodied exploration & expression through art making, movement, music, and dance to integrate psychedelic experiences.

When: 3rd Sunday, every other month.
Cost: 10$
Format: Online, Zoom (for now)
Contact us for more information and if you are interested!



Grounded Beings - Community & Connection

This is an open meditation group for everyone, regardless of experience level. Meditation rooted in traditional mindfulness practices with a somatic and trauma-informed twist. These practices focus on de-stressing, grounding the body and cultivating more curiosity and compassion for one’s experience. Please refer to event link for more information and registration!
  • Dates – Bi-monthly on alternating Tuesdays
  • Time – 6:00-7:00pm
  • Cost for who – $5 Suggested donation

PIN Peer Consultation Group for Providers

For therapists providing psychedelic harm reduction and integration therapy, there is a need to consult with other providers around clinical issues that come up in working with clients. Objective:
  • Consultation with other providers in the areas of psychedelic integration and harm reduction
  • Discuss specific cases and receive feedback or advice about how to work with clients
  • Sharing resources and providing information for education around psychedelics for clients
  • Staying current with latest news, research, and developments in the psychedelic field
  • One time per month, 4th Thursdays @ 7-8pm

  • Cost is free with membership

  • Drop in basis

  • Online using Zoom

  • Facilitators – The peer consultation group will be hosted by various PIN team members. We also encourage any PIN providers interested in leading the group to contact PIN to discuss potential collaboration.

  • Multidisciplinary- This group welcomes providers of various disciplines including therapy, counseling, social work, art therapy, etc. We are also open to providers of any theoretical orientation including psychodynamic, massage, acupuncture, somatic approaches, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc.

  • Currently seeing clients for psychedelic harm reduction or integration work
  • Plans to see clients in the near future for psychedelic harm reduction or integration work
If you are interested in signing up for the group, please email and let us know your name, some information about your professional services, and why you might be interested in joining the group:

Psychedelic Parenting Support Group

Exploring enlightened states of consciousness one day and changing diapers the next is a very particular path of psychedelic healing. As parents, our relationship to psychedelics and integration may look quite different from that of our non-parents friends and community. As parents utilizing psychedelics for healing, we have opportunities to heal personal and ancestral wounds and raise our children with more love. This group is intended to be a trauma-informed and safe space to support each other as psychedelic parents.

 Who is this for?

-Parents of children still living in the home

-Especially parents of young children (0-9)

-Elder parents with wisdom to share



-Once a month

-Online via Zoom


We do not and cannot provide, condone, or participate in any illegal use of psychedelic substances. 

To register, please visit:

Contact Hart:

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Integration Circle

IFS is a profound method of healing that is currently exploding in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy. Dr. Richard Schwartz, the founder of IFS, has developed a modality of healing that is truly profound in its capability to induce quick and meaningful change. Similar to psychedelic healing, IFS is able to help us step out of the default story of self, and to embody the inner healing intelligence (or the “Self”) to heal our wounded parts. 

By engaging in this practice with a group, individuals are able to access the “Self” rapidly due to the energetic support of each member in the community. Participants oftentimes report feeling surprised by how much compassion they could feel for their own parts as a result of the group support.


-Once a month

-$10 fee

-Online via Zoom

-No prior experience with IFS or psychedelics necessary. 


We do not and cannot provide, condone, or participate in any illegal use of psychedelic substances. 

To register, please visit:

Contact Hart: