Our mission is to cultivate a holistic network of providers committed to supporting the public in psychedelic treatment, education, harm reduction, and integration in Portland, Oregon and greater areas of Oregon and Washington.

We aim to be a resource network of trusted professionals, providers, facilitators and healers offering support that is varied in regards to modality or type of service, but is unified in values related to increasing accessibility and coming from a trauma-informed approach.

Our network is centered around integration. We believe that the healing and growth process occurs far beyond just experiences with plant medicines or psychedelics, and that in many ways the “real work” happens after a psychedelic experience occurs. We are committed to providing support for the ongoing integration process and unfolding changes that can occur in areas of personal, relational, spiritual, community and earth-centered change.

Our network of providers offers a variety of support for the use of psychedelics. Our providers only provide direct facilitation of psychedelic experiences in legal contexts, such as in ketamine treatment or Oregon’s new Psilocybin Services. Many of our providers provide support for individuals who use psychedelics on their own, including meeting with them before and after.

Growth Over Time

Growth from a psychedelic experience occurs over time, and we believe that educated choices, adequate preparation and ongoing integration are essential for embodied, lasting change. We believe that real transformation occurs in the context of meaningful relationships with one’s self, others, one’s community, and the natural world, which is why we embrace multidisciplinary, holistic and alternative approaches to healing and support.

We strive to honor and support diversity and equity in our network, and welcome people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, beliefs and worldviews. We aim to provide accessible care, resources and education to individuals and professionals of marginalized and underserved populations including BIPOC, LGBTQIA identified people, and Veterans by offering discounted fees for sessions and educational trainings.

We are a volunteer based-organized that is funded by membership fees and donations. Our costs include website development and management, hosting events and trainings, and staff wages. Portland Integration Network also aims to support local accessible treatment for marginalized folks through our allied organizations such as Sequoia, LLC and by offering low-cost education and training opportunities.